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“In this world where you're not only working with a lending company, you're working with your contractors, you're working with your staging company, your cleaners, you have a lot of moving pieces, and trust is probably the most important aspect, 'cause you don't wanna be following up on every single piece that needs to be done.” – Krina Patel

We hear this a lot from our borrowers at Upright: Real estate investing is about being able to rely on your partners. We are thrilled we have the opportunity to be a source of reliable capital through crowdfunding for so many small and scaling businesses across the country every day. And getting to showcase their successes is one of the best parts of the job.

Krina “Kri” Patel and Jaimal “Jay” Patel are the brother-sister duo behind QC Flippers.  They are known for their dramatic rehab and fix-and-flip projects that always take the prize for curb appeal in the North Carolina communities they proudly serve.  Their beginnings in the REI game are similar to many of our partners: They were looking for a way out of the corporate world and decided to join forces to build their legacy and their business, focusing on doing right by their communities and their neighbors. With the combined power of Jay's business acumen, Kri’s eye for design, and fast, reliable hard money loans from Upright, QC Flippers is establishing itself as REI's dream team, ready to take over the Queen City! 

We got to catch up with the team at one of their projects and chat about their journey: Catch the whole thing above!

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