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At Fund That Flip, we’re constantly working to make your investing experience even better. Below you'll find the latest update to your investing experience! We're excited to announce you now can roll over your series note investments into new PFNF and RBNF series notes! What does this mean for you?

  • Keep your money working: You can keep your money on the platform, with no messy transfers needed.
  • Generate interest without interruption: Your new investment starts accruing the day after your current investment matures.
  • Get advanced access to future offerings: See the details of new funds in advance, including rate, term, and more.

How do I roll over my investment?

Before your investment matures during the rollover period, you'll see a new tab next to your Active, Repaid and Voided investments labeled “Rollover." You can select to roll over your fund investments. Check out the demo video below:

When you select it, you will see your current maturing RBNF/PFNF investments that you have the option to roll over. When you click on the ‘Rollover’ button, it will bring you to a new screen with the investment options and terms that you can roll over into and the amount you wish to roll over.

Once you select that you will be brought to a new subscription agreement and your rollover will be scheduled. Any amount that you do not wish to roll over will be paid out normally.

Do I have to roll over my investments?

You don't! If you take no action, no action is required. You'll automatically be redeemed on the maturity date. 

What if I want to change my rollover?

It's easy! You can change or cancel up until the cutoff date listed.

Thanks for your continued support. We appreciate your business and feedback! Email us at to schedule a call with a member of our investment team, ask a question or provide feedback.

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