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Today, I’m excited to announce that Fund That Flip, as well as our SaaS arm, FlipperForce, will be unifying under one brand, Upright, in early September 2023. This comprehensive rebrand reflects our growth beyond just funding flips, and speaks to our evolving mission to create on-ramps and up-ramps allowing real estate investors to create wealth and independence. An end-to-end real estate investment platform for people on the rise.

The name Fund That Flip has served us well for years. But as you’ve probably noticed, we do a lot more than fund flips — we finance new construction, rehab, and DSCR rental loans. We offer short- and long-term crowdfunded debt investments. And we have the entire software suite for REI management. 

Also, let’s get real for a minute about the tangible nature of our business. We deal in real estate. These are tangible assets. They solve real needs — after water and food, housing is next in line. And there is a real housing shortage that we believe will be solved by local rehabbers and developers. Our services and products provide access to fast, reliable funding. Solutions to scale and grow their businesses. Confidence in underwriting and our customer relationships to build wealth. 

Interestingly enough, we often spoke internally about moving results up and to the right. After lots of research, planning, and discussions, we knew that we are Upright. 

If you’re a current customer, in a few weeks you’ll see an updated website (and an improved sign-on experience) and email signature from your primary contact(s). The Upright brand colors are quite similar to Fund That Flip. You’ll get the same great products, services, and experiences from the same great people. And our mission is still the same.

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If you have more questions, please check out this FAQ article our marketing team has prepared. Or, reach out to one of our team members at or 646-895-6090.

We’re very excited for this next era of the company, and looking forward to working with you to create on-ramps and up-ramps to independence and wealth.

Thank you,

Matt Rodak
CEO and Founder
Fund That Flip, soon to be Upright

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