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Do you have questions about our upcoming rebrand to Upright (early September 2023)? Get all your answers below.

Read the press release here, or the message about the rebrand from CEO and Founder, Matt Rodak, here.

Why did Fund That Flip change its name?
We do a lot more than fund flips: funding for new construction, long-term rentals, passive investing, software tools for deal analysis and identification, in addition to flips and more. Our goal was to expand our brand to truly reflect our mission: Help businesses, individuals, and communities move up and to the right. Our new name represents our vision. 

What’s different other than the name?
Very little. You’ll still be working with the same team, with the same level of service, with the same products available. You’ll just see a different email address and signature. These small “look and feel” changes will show up across the business, and you’ll have access to more tools and offerings if you are so inclined.

What do I as the customer need to do?
Nothing! None of the entities, documents, payoffs, closing, loan documents, or team are changing. Upright is a d/b/a name, you’re still doing business with FTF Lending and Fund That Flip Inc, just under a more inclusive umbrella name.

When is the rebrand happening?
Early September 2023.

Why Upright?
The new identity speaks to how real estate investment provides a route for many thousands of individuals to build wealth and ultimately achieve financial freedom while improving the communities where they live. The Upright name also acknowledges the tangible aspects of building homes from the ground up.

Additionally, as an asset class, real estate is traditionally one whose value moves "up and to the right."

Was Fund That Flip bought?
No. We changed our name because we do a lot more than fund flips. 

Was FlipperForce bought?
Yes!... back in 2022 by Fund That Flip. Unifying FlipperForce and Fund That Flip under one brand, Upright, allows us to provide a true end-to-end solution for real estate investors. 

How will the company ensure a smooth transition for customers?
Our teams have been diligently working to ensure as little inconvenience and interference with your investing experience as possible. 

We have upgraded our sign-on experience which should make it easier for you to access all of the features our Platform offers.

We are always open to feedback — if you discover something amiss or have an idea for a new feature, we would love to hear it. Many of our Platform enhancements happen because of direct feedback from our customers. Send any comments to

Are there any changes to company ownership, leadership or structure?
Our CEO and Founder, Matt Rodak is still at the helm. In preparation for unifying FlipperForce and Fund That Flip our Executive Leadership Team was recently restructured around existing team members including Alex Goodwin, Chief Financial Officer, and George Ferriera da Silva, Chief Technology Officer. Both have been with the company for some time. You can explore more here.

Does this change the company’s core mission, values, or long-term goals?
The name Upright better reflects our mission, values, and long-term goals. We are still dedicated to building lasting relationships through extraordinary customer experiences that will empower investors to create wealth and transform communities. 

What does the new name signify or represent? How does the new name reflect the company's identity? 
The name Upright represents our mission: Providing on-ramps and up-ramps for real estate investors to business growth, independence, and wealth. Our end-to-end REI platform is uniquely set up to help developers scale their businesses up and to the right. Help employment, property values, and infrastructure markers in communities throughout the U.S. grow up and to the right. It’s about growth and being the catalyst and guide for that growth.

Also, there is the literal meaning. Homes are built “upright.”

The way we conduct business with a focus on hard work, transparency, and empathy, we believe we are being upright citizens and players in the industry, and we expect our investor partners to operate in the same way, as upright citizens. 

Will this affect my loan?
No. All legal entities stay the same but will be operating under a d/b/a umbrella of Upright.

If you have questions about an existing loan, please email, and if you want to apply for a loan, click here.

Will I have a different team/contact?
You’ll be working with the same team. There have been no changes to any of our people. 

Will this affect my investment?
No. Your investments will stay exactly the same. You will just see the name Upright on future investments. You may still see the name Fund That Flip associated with any of your previous or current investments. 

If you have any questions about current or future investments, email

Why are you changing your name now?
Our new identity has been planned for some time. Any time we can provide more unified and streamlined experiences and services to our customers is the right time. 

Do you have plans for further acquisitions?
We are building Upright into the most comprehensive platform for active and passive real estate investors alike, removing the friction felt at every stage of the process, from finding investment properties, financing, construction and management, to disposition. While we are investing heavily in our own technology, we are always on the lookout for great companies that align with our vision and mission. 

Returns up to 13% investing in real estate.

Diversify your portfolio with short- or long-term investments, individual or pooled fund offerings, and hundreds of developers and project types throughout the U.S.

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