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Don't be surprised if you see fantastic new construction houses with Maverick Building Co. on their signs all around Cleveland Ohio in the next few years. 🌟

Anthony Fiorini has big dreams when it comes to building. Maverick does everything from custom builds to renovations and even commercial builds all over The Land and its surrounding suburbs. As a regular borrower of hard money from Fund That Flip, Anthony has been growing his company with the competitive advantage of speed. It's been a fantastic experience to partner with such a driven individual in the new construction world, and we look forward to everything Anthony builds, including his downtown CLE skyscraper.

We invited Anthony to our downtown CLE headquarters to talk about his journey and what he sees for the future of Maverick Building Co. Check out the interview here! πŸ‘‡

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Read the Transcript!

My name is Anthony Fiorini, my company is Maverick Building Co.

We've been building for probably a combined experience of about 15 years between myself and my partner. It all started kind of with my grandfather, who was a builder back in 60s and 70s, and he was always talking about building.

His biggest thing was the quality that he would have in the houses, and you know, growing up, that's how I got interested in building.

So initially I heard about Fund That Flip because I was looking at some projects in the Cleveland area to purchase, to renovate and to rent out.

The biggest thing with new construction that's different than flipping is it's heavily reliant on how quickly the bank can get you a draw. When we're specking and we're using Fund That Flip, the speed of getting that done is as quick as I can put together a scope of work, see how much money we need, look at the sale value of what we can sell these for, get the information over and within three weeks or so it's funded.

And I think I love the building and construction side because of the small business aspect of it.

Our whole methodology of our company is partnership. There's just so many people involved in one building or renovation project. The reason why we've been able to get a lot of those people to come work for us is because we pay quickly and we make sure that they finish the job, they get it inspected, it's done well; they deserve to get paid. So we're always looking for finance partners, guys who can sign on a loan, the scale that we're trying to achieve.

Again, we are not doing it by ourselves. There's no way we could scale this out by just grinding it out and trying to buy everything, fund everything ourselves, run all the projects by ourselves. You just can't scale that way.

So the speed of financing really allows us to to grow and scale and make sure that we can pay the people as quickly as possible.

Speed is... makes everything work.

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