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Bradley Jacobs grew up seeing the houses his dad worked on and helped to build, but he thought it would be even cooler to own those houses.

After learning everything he could about real estate investing, Bradley connected with another local Pittsburgh real estate investor, Mitch Poe, met Fund That Flip, and has scaled his business and his network. 

Watch the video or read the transcript below to learn more about Bradley Jacobs, his business, and how Fund That Flip helped him scale. 

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Bradley Jacobs Transcript

Bradley: I grew up in construction, so driving with my dad [...] as a child driving past, he's like, “Hey you know, I used to work on that house,” or “Hey, I helped build that house.” 

And you know, it was pretty cool, but I wanted to be like, “Hey man, I own that house,” or “Hey, I own that house.”

Hey, how you guys doing? I'm Bradley Jacobs, @1_BradleyJacobs on Instagram. I buy a lot of properties here in Pittsburgh, single family, multi-family [...], you name it. We buy real estate.

Jake: What ultimately got you into house flipping and doing the BRRRR strategy or fix-and-rent?

Bradley: So I end up dead broke back at my parents house and I ended up getting a job with my dad doing concrete. What really got me out of this was one of my mentors. He told me to read Rich Dad, Poor Dad and it hit home. And then I just read another book and another book and another book. And I started the wholesaling route to make some money.

Then I met Mitch, was going through projects with him, and we started buying projects — doing one or two at a time. I met you guys and here we are today.

Jake: Talk to me [about] going from one or two at a time to [...] where you're at. How have you scaled?

Bradley: Fund That Flip, honestly. I linked up with Fund That Flip almost a year ago now. They helped scale my business tremendously. I can do a lot of purchase-and-refi's throughout; they held me on the purchase and I refi’d long term. They helped me on all of my flip projects where we just buy, they give us the hard money, and we sell them off, pay them back. 

If it wasn't for them, honestly, I wouldn't be [...] half to where I am today. Having you guys as a lender was crucial to the come-up. 

Jake: Aside from money, how has Fund That Flip helped you locally in Pittsburgh?

Bradley: Well, actually you helped scale my networks. So just knowing Fund That Flip in general [...] changed the whole perspective for me. Again, networking to the money to the flips to the projects to the whole nine yards. 

If I need something, I call Jake and he might be able to connect me with the right person. So [...] just having that in my phone is amazing.

Jake: That doesn't sound to me like the typical hard money process, which I absolutely love — you got a friend, you got a lender, and you get a local person that's willing to help you. 

Bradley: Yeah, for sure.

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