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Man rehabbing house with hard money loan

Thanks for your interest in Upright. We are getting a lot of interest from redevelopers for rehab loans from all over the country – which is great! As we sort through the many new applications, we thought it may be useful to give you a heads-up on what to expect. So here it is – a peek behind the curtain on what we're going to need from you.


Anyone that has rehabbed a house will tell you that you are bound to experience several surprises throughout the process. We find that people who have been through a few projects are better equipped to deal with the unexpected. This doesn't mean if you're inexperienced you’ll be an unsuccessful redeveloper. It simply means that in order to help manage some of the risk for investors, we prefer to partner with rehabbers who have some experience.

Action: Let us know how many deals you've done and be prepared to share the details of your most recent projects.

Background Check

There's a saying that goes “people are remarkably consistent over long periods of time.” While we certainly believe everyone deserves a second chance – a checkered past needs to be understood and disclosed. If you have something that is likely to turn up on a background check, the best thing you can do is tell us about it before we find it. This may still disqualify you for the time being but will be a step in the right direction towards building mutual trust and will save everyone some time.

Credit Check

Reviewing your credit patterns helps us understand how responsible you have been at meeting your debt obligations. It also lets us know what current liabilities you have and your likelihood of being able to manage a new one. While the past is not always an adequate predictor of the future, credit is an objective data point that provides additional transparency to our process.

Once we have done our objective check into your past, we will also look you up online. Do a quick audit of your social media profiles to ensure you are putting your best foot forward. Keep in mind, once you have a deal up on our platform, investors will also do their homework on you. The more you can demonstrate that you are a qualified redeveloper the more likely you are to build up a following of quality investors.

Thanks for your interest and we look forward to helping you get a rehab loan with Upright!

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