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Kendall Krawchuk guest stars on The Real Estate InvestHER to discuss digital strategy for real estate marketing.

Fund That Flip VP of Marketing, Kendall Krawchuk recently joined The Real Estate InvestHER Virtual Meetup to discuss real estate digital marketing strategy, tools, and tactics. Kendall began by discussing the basics of digital marketing, such as what makes it different from traditional marketing as well as what mediums fall under the digital umbrella like email marketing, blog posts, and social media.

Not only does digital marketing offer a fresh new medium to traditional marketing, but it also offers analytics, metrics, and data to track its success. While traditional marketing still has its proper uses, digital marketing offers deeper, more diverse channels. 

Additionally, digital marketing allows companies to spread brand awareness. With over 2.5 billion people on social media, target audiences and potential clients are easily accessible. Another great feature of digital marketing is its automation capabilities. Tools like Hootsuite and HubSpot allow emails, social media posts, and more to be scheduled ahead of time, saving companies valuable time and resources. 

Kendall went on to share some tips to becoming a successful digital marketer. Her first tip was to build and nurture your network. This includes following up and interacting with your audience as well as reaching out to relevant partners whenever possible. This not only makes your brand more personable, but also keeps it at the top of people's minds.

A second tip shared was the importance of segmenting an audience. A great tool in doing this is to build personas of the different types of people within your company's target market. Recording demographic, geographic, and psychographic information will be critical in figuring out customers' wants, challenges, and purchasing setbacks. By following these tips, you may be able to increase your lead generation and continue to be a top of mind company with your followers.

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