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Fund That Flip’s very own David Duggan was recently featured on Cleveland’s WINT radio show to discuss how real estate investors can leverage the power of a diverse capital stack. Stephanie Hyde and Zach Weaver co-host the popular real estate show and are owners of Mosaic Property Solutions, a real estate company that focuses on rental properties. Mosaic Property Solutions provides reliable housing for people facing instability or needing quick access to a temporary home. As real estate investors with 16 years of experience under their belts, Stephanie and Zach provide a unique perspective into the current real estate investment market.

Tune in to hear an engaging discussion about the importance of a diversified capital stack, top exit strategies, and the state of the housing market.   Learn how diverse sources of capital allow you to minimize your risk, close more deals, and contribute to the overall success of your business. You’ll hear about different types of capital that can constitute your stack, how they work together, and how to optimize your financing strategies. Finally, hear from David, Stephanie, and Zach on why flexibility is so important for real estate investors and how to set up your business to respond quickly and profitably to market changes. 

Check out the YouTube video below to listen to the full show!


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