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Fund That Flip is thrilled to announce that we're entering NHRA drag racing as the primary sponsor of Michalek Brothers Racing!
Watch the reveal video below:


“We are honored and very excited to have the opportunity to partner with the Fund That Flip team,” said Kyle Michalek. “We see many complementary strengths between our race team, the NHRA fan base, and the Fund That Flip team that can be leveraged to create wins for all parties.” 

Fund That Flip is America’s fastest-growing provider of funding for experienced real estate investors and fellow NHRA fans. After loan origination, accredited and institutional investors have the opportunity to purchase fractional shares of the loan and earn a 9%-12% annualized yield. Their proprietary marketplace technology gives those looking to passively invest an opportunity to reap the rewards real estate has to offer and empowers real estate investors to operate their entire business more profitably. The shared dedication to help customers, followers, and investors succeed brought Michalek Brothers Racing (MBR) and Fund That Flip together to help restore communities across the nation.

Core to our value proposition are speed and reliability,” says Matt Rodak, CEO of Fund That Flip. “Drag racing brings these values to life better than any other sport imaginable. When Corey, MBR team co-owner and driver, is at the line ready to rocket down the track, he wants to go as fast as humanly possible, and to do so he needs everything to work flawlessly. The same applies for real estate investors ready to start a fix-and-flip or new construction project. They need to move fast, and a reliable capital partner like Fund That Flip can help increase their velocity.” 

Before Matt started Fund That Flip, he invested in real estate, leading him to understand the importance of having access to fast capital. Fund That Flip was founded on the need to provide industry-leading closing times and around-the-clock support to work as an extension of their investors’ businesses.

“This is a monumental day in MBR history,” says Corey Michalek. “We have been building our program for a moment like this, and we’re humbled to have the opportunity to represent a brand like Fund That Flip. Kyle and I are ecstatic to introduce such a promising non-endemic partner to the opportunities the sport of NHRA Drag Racing has to offer. I cannot overstate the sense of positive anticipation for what’s to come.”

For additional MBR information and updates, you can like the Michalek Brothers Racing Facebook page, subscribe to MBR's YouTube channel, and follow @MichalekRacing on Twitterand Instagram.


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Real estate investing can earn up to 12% annual returns on pre-vetted, low LTV, real estate-secured loans. Fund That Flip offers industry-leading visibility into each project, enabling investors to be highly selective in the loans they choose to fund.

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