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In the first installments of our easy guide to online real estate investing, we covered what real estate crowdfunding is, the different types of real estate investing, and considerations to decide if real estate investing is right for your portfolio.  

Now that you've made the choice to invest in real estate online, let's look at why many investors choose Fund That Flip as their alternative investment platform to make attractive returns.

Fund That Flip's investor dashboard makes it easy to track and manage your investments.

Mission & Values: Using tech to create value for real estate entrepreneurs

Fund That Flip launched in 2014 and has evolved into a leading end-to-end real estate investment platform. A main reason for our success is that we’ve been both lenders and borrowers, and understand the challenges and needs of both sides of the real estate investment eco-system. Our mission is to use technology to create value for the real estate entrepreneurs who are creating value in communities and neighborhoods across the U.S.

For lenders, we provide unparalleled transparency into each deal and peace of mind that we know our borrowers and their businesses personally. 

For borrowers, we provide transparency into our underwriting process, fast, reliable funding, consistent communication, and dedicated support throughout the entire loan term.

Success: Fund That Flip by the numbers

As part of our commitment to transparency, our most up-to-date numbers are always available here, but they’re recapped below for your convenience (as of November 2021):

  • More than $1.5 billion in loans originated
  • 99.6% of principal returned
  • 10.8% historical average gross yield
  • 93%+ of borrowers return
  • Average of 24 investments per investor

Accolades & Testimonials: Don’t take our word for it...

Our CEO and Founder, Matt Rodak, has also been recognized for his insight and leadership:

Plus, Fund That Flip is also a great place to work, ranked 4.8 out of 5 stars on Glassdoor, with 100% of employees saying they would recommend working here to a friend, and 100% approval of our CEO (as of April 2022).

For unbiased and comprehensive reviews of our alternative investing platform and tech by third parties, read what Millionacres, a Motley Fool service, has to say about us, as well as respected industry experts YieldTalk, and The Real-Estate Crowdfunding Review.

Or check out what real estate investors have to say:

quoteFTF is by far one of the best platforms I have used. I have several investments with these guys and the due diligence rocks, the returns rock, and the communication and support is top-notch. This is how a platform should work. If you are an accredited investor and are looking to jump into the hard money pool this is who you want to use.”
– The Income Beast,

quoteI've done over 50 deals on Fund That Flip as a lender. I'm impressed with the vetting of deals and the high quality of their management team. Their website is very easy to use and filled with valuable data that borrowers and lenders demand."
– John L.

quoteFund That Flip deserves credit for how transparent they are on displaying activity on prior investments, including detailed updates from projects that underperformed."
– Comment on YieldTalk

quoteI've invested for over a year and a half with FTF, and continue to do so despite COVID. I appreciate the transparency they provide both on individual opportunities, but also with regular updates on active investments. Customer service is very responsive. No complaints so far."
– Mathias,

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