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Like most real estate investors, JWB Real Estate Capital started humble beginnings but has since grown to a vertically integrated, turnkey real estate investment company specializing in finding, rehabbing, and building rental investments in the Jacksonville, FL area, including sourcing tenants and property management. Today, JWB manages more than 5,000 rental properties for more than 1,600 clients in 13 countries and has delivered more than $49M in cash flow to its investors. 

The Upright video team traveled to Jacksonville, FL to meet up with our boots-on-the-ground team, Chris Rij and Garrett Clark, and talk with Gregg Cohen, co-founder and CMO of JWB Real Estate Capital, and co-host of JWB podcast, Not Your Average Investor Show, about creating opportunities, working in a small market, and why partnership matters. 



Gregg Cohen: I'm Gregg Cohen with JWB Real Estate Capital, I’m the co-founder, and we're here in Jacksonville, Florida.  So over the past 17 years, JWB Real Estate Capital has built a portfolio for clients of over $800 million that we get to manage.  We have over  1500 clients that come to us from 49 states and 13 countries.  One of the things I love about specifically building and renovating homes in a small area is that you actually get to improve neighborhoods. There were streets that you didn't go down before, and in those homes now there are families and there are moms and dads helping their kids study.  And so it's been really, really fulfilling.  So I came to know Fund That Flip, I think, in the best way possible through a personal relationship, you know, organically throughout the community. And there's nothing, especially in today's day and age when we're talking about significant dollars and a significant partnership, you want to make sure that you have a personal relationship with somebody that you can trust. 

You guys have overperformed, you've made this easy for us at JWB and that's why I think we have the opportunity to do some really big things with you guys in future years.  For us, we have a lot of capital sources now and we'll build about 390 new construction homes this year on top of hundreds of renovations. And so we're blessed to be in a position of raising capital in various sources. Some are institutional,  some are private lending from private individuals.  And so it was a challenge to bring to Fund That Flip where they could create an opportunity for us that's better than our alternatives.  But the combination of the terms of the loan, making it easy on our team to say, you know what,  this is a good opportunity is why we're here now with  40 plus loans on the book with Fund That Flip and hopefully many more. 

I  think what you're going to see from JWB over the next 1 to 3 years, you're going to see incremental improvement as far as the experience that comes along with investing in rental properties and how we can make this easy for investors out there.  You're gonna see our property management division continue to grow because that brings stability to our books as well. When you manage 5000 properties and eventually 10,000 properties, that gives you a real position of strength when it comes to revenue coming in that other real estate companies don't have.


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