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Welcome to Investor Insights! In this ongoing series, we provide a behind-the-scenes look into how the business works, from underwriting and risk mitigation, to monthly loan performance, and beyond. You will hear from leaders within the organization who are driving day-to-day operations. We also answer your Frequently Asked Questions about investing with Fund That Flip, so that you can make better investment decisions with your hard-earned capital.

In this installment of Investor Insights, we speak with Fund That Flip's team lead for Underwriting and Valuations, Scott Eilerman, about appraisals and how they factor into our valuation process. Learn why we order appraisals from an independent third-party, what we look for and some of the reasons our final valuation may differ from the posted appraisal. We also explore why it may be helpful to leverage both our number and the third-party appraisal in determining your own value while investing. Listen now:




Curious where to find our performance report and statistics on our loan application volume? We post it monthly on the blog here. Happy investing!

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Investing in pre-vetted, real estate-secured loans has generated historical annual returns of 10.8% for Fund That Flip investors. We provide industry-leading visibility into each project and borrower, enabling you to be highly selective and diverse in the loans you choose to fund.

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