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Gary Boomershine, owner of shares his real estate investing story and his advice for investing in real estate in 2020.

On this episode of Real Estate Investing Unscripted, Gary Boomershine of joins Matt Rodak to discuss his real estate investing journey. Gary is a software engineer turned consultant turned entrepreneur who has successfully built 4 companies, reaching the elusive Inc. 500 fastest growing company list multiple times while also being married for 25 years and becoming father to two daughters.

During the episode, the business owner, podcast host, real estate investor, and investing coach describes how he began in real estate investing and what things led him to where he is now. Gary details his passion for coaching, and points out one of his main lessons during current times is the 3 P's - protect, pivot, and profit.

Gary reveals how he is in the process of building a 1-month long, revolutionary sales training session to help people get results in converting with sellers. He even shares how you can get a free training session. Listen to the full episode to hear how you can claim your free module and more! Tune in below:

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