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If you are an accredited investor and unfamiliar with Ian Ippolito's website, The Real Estate Crowdfunding Review, you are missing out on a wealth of information. 

Since 2015, Upright (formerly Fund That Flip) has been at the top of Mr. Ippolito's real estate crowdfunding ranks for an extremely strong showing in the fundamentals (and "extra credit") of crowdfunded real estate investing sites, which includes (read the full criteria and methodology here):

  • Functional, professional website
  • Functional, protected sign-up/sign-on experience
  • Focuses on only crowdfunded real estate investing
  • Posts available investments online and provides loan terms, borrower info, due diligence documentation, etc. in order to make informed decisions
  • Investments are U.S.-based
  • Available to investors in all U.S. states
  • Real, open investments (at least three per month) and no obviously fake or "sample" investments
  • Transparent and allows accredited investors to fully share and critique information on investments
  • Not a broker
  • Positive investor reviews
  • Volume (many investment opportunities)
  • Bankruptcy protection
  • Strong customer service and administration
  • Competitive investor fees
  • Average-to-low investor minimums
  • True skin in the game

One of the other reasons we are so proud of this ranking is that Mr. Ippolito does not accept ANY money for inclusion on the list, a better position, nor money from affiliate links or advertising. Mr. Ippolito goes through the following review process in order to create his rankings:

"I've interviewed actual investors to get their views of the actual, on-the-ground situation. And I've pored through reams of legal documents, investment contracts to look at deal specifics. And I've also questioned principals, account reps, and support staff. "

We are very honored to be in the "Allstars" category on The Real Estate Crowdfunding Review, and recommend that all of our accredited investors familiarize yourselves with the site for guides and tutorials, news, and more information to help you reach your investment goals.  

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