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Fund That Flip March 2022 Performance Report

In line with our goal of industry-leading transparency, Fund That Flip provides stakeholders and lenders with relevant statistics related to loan origination and performance. You will also find updates related to technology and offering enhancements herein.

In March, we originated 329 loans and funded $142 million in origination volume, our strongest month since launching in 2014, and closing out our most successful first quarter. For perspective, in 2020, we originated $150 million in loans total

As of March 15, 4.44% of our book was 30 days or more late on payments. We are continuing to increase our origination volume while monitoring the situation in each market closely. You can read more about our approach to COVID-19 here: Lender COVID-19 FAQs. As always, we work with and support our borrowers to keep their projects moving forward, on track, and current on interest payments. We also continue to build a strong forward pipeline, meaning we'll remain selective when deciding which projects to fund and markets to enter.

Learn more about how we handle loans that are 30+ days late in an episode of Investor Insights here.

Jan-22 Feb-22 Mar-22
Days Late $% of Book $% of Book $% of Book $% of Book
30-60 1.52% 0.18% 0.23% 1.42%
61-90 0.93% 1.00% 0.13% 0.19%
90+ 2.12% 2.70% 3.10% 2.45%
Foreclosure 0.50% 0.46% 0.35% 0.38%
Total 5.07% 4.34% 3.81% 4.44%

Success Stories
We are constantly impressed by the quality of work our customers are completing with their funded projects. Check out our most recent featured flip, a modern townhome with a lofty rooftop getaway in the heart of downtown Philadelphia, PA. 

Thanks for your continued support. We appreciate your business and feedback!

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Returns up to 13% investing in real estate.

Real estate investing can earn up to 8.75% annual returns on pre-vetted, low LTV, real estate-secured loans. Fund That Flip offers industry-leading visibility into each project, enabling investors to be highly selective in the loans they choose to fund.

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